about "The crush"

The San Diego Crush Baseball Academy is a travel ball organization that specializes in a higher level of baseball competition. At Crush Baseball, we prepare each of our players for the next level of their game. We offer multiple travel teams and semester clinics with our professional coaching staff, who range from a variety of backgrounds and positions played.


Why Join Crush?

Crush stands out over other travel organizations because of our coaching staff, our facilities and development, and the baseball experience that players receive. 

Coaching Staff: 

The program's staff is directed by Nick Carmichael and Deron Johnson, both of whom have professional experience. Nick Carmichael pitched in the Detroit Tigers system with a career ERA of 3.25. Deron Johnson, outside of his own professional playing career, has developed dozens of college and professional players. Not to be overshadowed, the Crush Program offers a list of other ex-college and pro players that now coach with the Crush. We encourage everyone to check out our coaches page HERE.



Along with our qualified coaching staff, all of our teams have practices at local Poway fields and facilities. We invest a lot into our fields and facilities so that we are able to have quality and higher repetition practices that cannot be duplicated elsewhere - part of the reason that our player development stands above everyone else. Crush teams win in the long run because of the attention to detail that we put into practice. Our motto is “Success in the long run.” A list of successful Crush players is HERE.


Baseball Experience: 

Outside of the coaching and progression that our players experience, the program stands apart from others because it offers a refreshing perspective of the game. Other programs focus only on the number of accolades their teams can accumulate before entering high school. When this is the sole focus on teams, players burn out before ever playing high school. The priority at Crush is to make the game about each player’s development and enjoyment of the sport. We find this to be a more sustainable goal that leads to an environment that develops productive citizens with good character as well as successful athletes. We encourage interested players and families to read what Crush families say about the program


Because of our coaching staff, our ties with a major High School baseball program, and our perspective on player development, we encourage everyone to look to our program as their primary travel ball option.

Crush subscribes to the Matheny Manifesto - please CLICK HERE to read!

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