Crush Uniforms and Apparel

(Password  is "TeamsportsNC")

Team Sports of North County is not affiliated with Crush. For questions/concerns on uniforms, their Vista store can be reached at 760-599-9467


New Players:

  • Make sure to email us your player's top 4 number choices so that we can confirm that the number is available before you order jerseys.

  • The "SD Crush Player Package" will have all of the needed Crush gear. You will need to enter the sizes that you would like as well as the jersey numbers that have been confirmed with us.

    • You can also choose to only order the white, green, black, and gold jersey and the black, black/gold, and green/gold hat. ​

    • Practice players only need to order a black hat and green or black jersey but are welcome to order everything. 

In Summary:

Players on competitive teams must order the following: 

  • 3 hats: Black, Black/Gold, Green/Gold

  • 4 jerseys: White, Green, Black, Gold

Items needed to play but not sold at the team store

  • Socks: forest green and black

  • Belt: forest green and black

  • Pants - no piping/strips: white and gray

  • Helmut: black

  • Cleats: black/white/or any combination of black and white