Process and Approach

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Baseball is a great forum for teaching players about the process of identifying problems, developing approaches, and implementing those approaches into their game. In baseball, these approaches are undergoing constant adjustment to meet the challenges of the moment. As a coach, I strive to foster a players’ understanding of how to develop a process that will yield the approach needed to increase their chances of a successful outcome. The process is the means by which a player, goes through to identify a problem, develop an approach, test the approach, and adjust it when necessary. Knowing when to make an adjustment comes from experience, and in baseball, that experience comes through hard work, repetition, and failure. The process may be similar from problem to problem, however, the approach taken depends on the game-time situation. For example, a hitter should have a different approach to an at-bat where a hit-n-run is called, than an at-bat with a runner on third and less than two outs. A sport like baseball has many physical and mental challenges that cannot be addressed with a process and approach alone. So, players must develop a process that includes working harder and smarter to refine the different situational approaches this game demands. Each of these game time approaches must be well practiced fostering the confidence needed to achieve game-time success. Some players might not succeed, and some will, but they will all benifit in the knowledge, that utilizing a process to develop the approproiate approach will increase their chances of success in baseball and in life.

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