Welcome to Crush! To get started, we need the following:

  • Player Waiver (CLICK). This waiver should be scanned and emailed back to sdcrushbaseball@gmail.com

  • Read through the Welcome PDF to learn about team rules, policies, and communication. 

  • Email us your player's top 4 number choices so that we can confirm that the number is available before you order jerseys. 

  • Jersey ordering information: 


Players/Parents must log on to the Crush site and order uniforms themselves. Uniform production is outsourced to Team Sports of North County. To order, go HERE. You will need to log in to the site using "TEAMSPORTSNC" as a password. The "SD Crush Player Package," priced at $175, will have all of the needed Crush gear. You will need to enter the sizes that you would like as well as the jersey numbers. If you have not already, please check with us on jersey number availability. We will need your player's top 4 jersey numbers to confirm number availability.

  • Request website access by creating a login and password. Once access is granted, you should be able to view the team pages.

  • Join the team GroupMe on the respective team page.  

  • Pay club dues. 

    • Because we are late into the Spring season, club dues can be paid by Venmo (see account below). Dues are $195 for the month of May. 

For questions, email sdcrushbaseball@gmail.com.